Activities of Trust:

to provide medical assistance to people who are suffering from Severe Illness like cancer, Stroke etc. The Board of Trust also authorise the Proposal Approval Committee to make a study on remote and rural areas in this regard to find and identify genuine applicants.

Financial Aid to people those who not having own land to built the house and to those who are homeless. Trust takes some initiative to find them and provide assistance to construct home for them. Since the registration of the Trust till now many more people is being financially assisted for the above purpose.

There are many financially insecure families as they don’t having fixed source of income as on the uncertain demise of the working member of the family. Trust also trying to find out such families and aid them financially for food, medical, educational purposes.

Due the pandemic Covid 19 issues lots of children are unable to attend the online and other smart classes due to the lack of proper facilities and most of the family members lost their job, Hence Trust is deciding to find such families and assist the children in the educational purposes.

To engage as far as possible in emergency social activities such as famine and relief work, helping the victims of natural calamities and other activities which will help and uplift the needy and underprivileged in our community.