Rajakumari Group has given financial assistance to Mr.Asif , who met with an accident recently and unable to go for work due to his physical condition. He is the bread winner for his family, so his physical condition affected his family very badly. Rajakumari Charitable Trust members has visted his house and handed over a check of rupees 1 Lakhs.

About Us

Rajakumari Charitable Trust started in the year 2020. Mr. Nizarudeen Shahabudeen as Managing Trustee, Mr. Safeerudeen Koya Thangal as President, Mr. Suhaib S and Mr. Nadirshan M as Joint Secretary and Mr. Shamnad J as Treasurer.The benefit of the Trust shall be open to all individuals coming under purview of the trust objectives, irrespective of caste, religion, creed, sex etc. […]